"As humans, we ruin everything we touch, including each other."

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*including ourselves

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"Jeder sagt Liebe tut weh, aber das ist nicht wahr. Einsamkeit tut weh, verlassen werden tut weh, Reaktionen tuen weh. Jeder verwechselt diese Dinge mit Liebe. Aber in Wahrheit ist sie die einzige Sache auf der Welt die uns wieder aufhilft."

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Life isn’t a romantic comedy or a realistic fiction novel where everything works itself out. You may get the courage to ask that guy out, and he might say no. You might not always look good or feel good. There will be days when you don’t leave your room and no one tries to make you. Your heart will be broken, and time will heal that wound. You will worry about stupid things like tests and grades and money and jobs and the future. They will come, eventually. Take a moment to breathe, a day to relax, a month to learn something new, a year to travel the globe. The world is this amazing, infinite place of people and cities and adventures, and we’re all confining ourselves to these tiny offices in boring towns with the same people, day in and day out. We don’t get another chance. Go do something daring.

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